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Thread: Break in on demo bike

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    Break in on demo bike

    I bought a new to me 2011 R1200RT from the original owner. He bought it as a demo bike (about 2500 miles) and barely road it. Excellent maintenance records, all recalls done, and fluids changed yearly, but only 5,900 miles on it when I bought it. Iím confident as a demo bike it didnít have the recommended break-in followed. Any tips on how to ride it to help the engine bed-in appropriately?

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    After 7 years/6,000 miles and it isn't using an excessive amount of oil, I'd say...just ride it and do recommended maintenance. Enjoy!
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    There have been many threads on the subject. Some say "ride it like you stole it" and some say the usual "no WOT, vary rpm's..........". I don't remember after all the debating a clear "best way" recommendation emerged. Chances are your bike got a bit of both- and I think you will be fine as it is.
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    6,000 miles? Any break in is long done, good or bad. At this point just ride and hope it runs well. If it burns oil, nothing but a rebuild will cure it.

    I have been working with engines of all types for years. IMO, about 90% of the break in is done in the 100 miles. A bit more will happen slowly over the next 500, but by then it is done. After that point any thing that happens is just normal wear.

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