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Thread: New purchase, iabs failure fun

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    Don’t forget to include a careful look at brake lever/hand lever operation and the microswitches associated with them, as a malfunction there can also trigger an ABS fault.

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    Quick update....brake lines replaced, fluids replaced and bled. So far, all is clear, will be test driving this evening.

    I did have a rookie mistake with with one of the fluid level sensors on the module. I was cleaning up some minor spillage that had gotten into the connectors when removing the funnel. I bent one of the pins in the front circuit fluid level sensor connector and it ultimately broke off when trying to straighten it out. I was able to insert a piece of wire into the connector and after a few tries was able to get it to make contact with the "stub" on the male side. So far, no codes being thrown. If codes get thrown from the sensor, i will need to figure out a more permanent solution (hopefully not having to replace the module)...

    Fingers crossed, drive test tonight weather permitting..


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