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Thread: Utter Disbelief 1957 R60

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    Utter Disbelief 1957 R60

    I have 1 leaking (only 1-Thank u God) Float chamber. No news there, apparently. I think the type float chamber is called “center top” float needle as opposed to the needle and lever offset in the float chamber top.

    I was looking for the Vintage Display at the MOA National and smelled it before seeing it. Just followed the smell till it got to be liquid and a little further found Old bikes at the end of the trail.

    Everyone says “They all do that”. Ok fine. [How does one fix it. This is the disbelief part.]
    I’m not very good at estimating the distance to arrival/engine shut off and then turning off the petcock.

    I’ve been around BMW motorbike people for many years and have come to accept eccentricities. And I know the basic German approach to engineering and basic rational of fixing things that didn’t work. They are especially good at fixing things that do work, and ignoring those things that don’t. You can’t tell me that the German riders in the ‘50’s would accept leaking Carb Floats.

    There are bound to be people on this planet that get these Carbs to stop leaking. I realize there are but I don’t think they are gonna let the rest of us know how they do it. (German “Smug” and comes with some Bike keys).

    I have tried more than several methods, some involving new parts. Just can’t seem to get it to stop.

    Break your silence and tell us how you did it. You know you’ll feel better.
    I’ll be “utterly” eternally grateful.

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    Charlie -

    Can you tell us what are the new parts you've used?

    I don't have any issues with leaking carbs on any of my bikes. On the /2 and older bike, I do have a point where I shut off the petcock before arriving at my stop. The purpose of this is to prevent the heat from the engine to continue to expand the fuel into a leak. Basically, you're pulling down the gas in the float chamber in order to allow for expansion room.

    What about your floats? Are they still the original brass floats? Note that brass has been work hardened and is brittle. Over time, the brass cracks allowing gas inside the float which then sinks...certainly not good. Vech at Bench Mark Works sells plastic floats suitable for ethanol fuels.

    Then there comes the issue with the float sealing process. Of course, the float pushes the needle up into the seat in the top of the carb to stop the flow of fuel. If the petcock is off, there can be no flow anyway. Does your petcock need to be reworked? Also, the float needle is a long rod and the bottom end of that rod runs in a tube built into the bottom of the float bowl. Sometimes that tube can get corrosion in it which then doesn't let the float needle/rod move freely up and down. If it sticks down, the float doesn't seal on the seat.

    You can look at the seat in the float cap and use some toothpaste or the like on an eraser to polish the seat a bit in order to get rid of any roughness.

    I would think any of those things would eventually get you to a point where there's no leak. But first, I think you need to get more consistent at turning off the petcock in advance of your stop. If the petcock works well, then there's no potential for fuel leaks. Unless you have some cracks or holes in the bowl.
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    If you still can't find a solution to your problem, I suggest He is the bomb on vintage restoration & knows everything there is to know about older BMW's.
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    Yep. New plastic floats and new needles. Tooth paste, by hand, with old needles and just a touch with the new needles. I donít think the needle seats are brass, which may work better. Have heard of using a 0.??? ď drill bit in reverse to help with the needle seat.

    Would like to think that I am on the verge of both carbs sealing,🙂, but maybe Iím on the verge of both leaking.😠.

    You are right, the petcock could be the root of my ill, but does seem to shut off the fuel w/o leaking for the short term.


    (May need to just try everything again, and again.)

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