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Thread: The Bicycling thread

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    Pic from this morning's ride...Louden Road, Ghent, NY.

    April 24, 2022 by SPP™ SlowPokePete, on Flickr

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    The bike that I have the most miles on (and it will likely stay on top) is a Schwinn Voyager purchased in 1983. At the time of purchase I was living in southern Ohio and I traded in my older much less expensive Schwinn road bike. I rode that 15 speed (3 x 5) very regularly with the fellow that owned the local bike shop (and sold me the Voyager). He grew up in the area and knew the back roads, and more importantly, the good placed to find breakfast out in the country.

    I still have that bike as it is very comfortable to me, but it has rim clincher brakes. While these work well, there is really no comparison to the modern disc brakes on bicycles. My Schwinn in now in the basement on the trainer. I use that bike for reference measurements when I have purchased newer bikes. My newer bikes all have disc brakes, I won't be going back to rim brakes. [Note- I have a 30 year old Cannondale tandem that my wife and I use to take trips on. Once her hip replacement healing is complete we might see about riding the tandem again. The tandem has rim clinchers for the front and rear wheel and the rear wheel has a supplemental drum brake. I obtained a Trek step-thru e-bike for my wife after her heart incident last year. She really likes the e-bike, which makes it even more unlikely that the tandem will see much future use. But, I'm just not inclined to get rid of it - we do not need the room occupied by the tandem.]

    I like red motorcycles and red bicycles. I have had to travel about some to find red bikes with the attributes that I desired. It is a well-known fact that red bikes are faster.

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    I had an '80s era Schwinn Le Tour. If I used that as an example of the capabilities of rim brakes, I would come to the same conclusion. But that would be like condemning BMW motorcycle braking based on the performance of an R90/6!

    I have both rim and disk bikes and continue to prefer the rim brakes on the road. Just the sound of a group of 'modern' cyclists coming to a stop sends a shiver down my spine similar to fingernails on a blackboard. Hopefully this is another area that will eventually get fixed.

    Here are the arguments FOR road disk: 1) Carbon rims suck when used as a brake surface AND they wear out fast - carbon rims are too expensive to use as brake disks, 2) Everyone knows that 32c tires have the least rolling resistance and best aerodynamic profile on the road - can't use them with rim brakes (wink), 3) when a bike costs $7500, what's another $500, right?, 4) You don't have to do much maintenance on them - just take it to the local mechanic a couple times a year (and how many people properly maintained their rim brakes? Probably few), 5) the hydraulic reservoir makes an additional hand position on the hoods, 6) No brake fade when doing 10 mile long descents, 7) Stop great in the rain, also while making a 10 mile long descent.

    None of those arguments sway me. I ride aluminum rims. I don't ride my road bike in the rain. I don't have 10 mile descents. I don't pay over 5k for bikes. 25C is big enough. I do my own maintenance and make sure that my brake pads are in good shape and replace them fairly often. I also change out the cables and liners (usually at the start of each year).

    I'm sure I'm in the minority. I usually am.

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    Here is a pic of my road bike. Taken on the shore of Lake Ontario in Oswego. I think this was last May.


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