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Thread: The Bicycling thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildbears View Post
    Our next ride may be a recumbent Terra Trike Tandem with electric assist.

    As these are low to the ground with low visibility, we would restrict our riding to bike trails.

    This model decouples for easy transport.
    I was not able to find the electric assist tandem on the Terra Trike site.
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    TerraTrike with Electric Assist

    TerraTrike has two models that come with electric assist now, but these are singles.

    It might be that you could kit one of these with a TerraTrike single up front. TerraTrike does offer kits to make a single into a tandem. Not sure about using one of these electric assist models.

    Or you could go aftermarket at a good bike shop.

    Electric assist on a tandem may only provide modest assist but enough to keep the "stoker" from being overtaxed if the other rider tires out.

    I was recently left in the dust by a pair of octagenarians on TerraTrikes singles, one with assist. In my defence, it had been a long day.

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    I own a bicycle shop, specializing in tandems & recumbents. About 30 days ago I converted a CaTrike to "e-assist", using a Bafang kit. This is a mid-drive unit, and replaced the front crankset. You lose the double/triple crankset, giving you a 1x setup. However, the Bafang offers 1-3-5-9 levels of assist (IIRC), plus a "throttle" to help you up the hills when your assist isn't enough. To put the Bafang on a tandem, you'd need to remove the front BB/crank and convert your tandem to same-side drive, again losing at least one, probably 2 chainrings from the back crankset. If I were to convert a tandem, I'd drop the rear crankset to a single drive ring, install an 11-speed cassette on the rear wheel (you can use an 11/40 11-sp cassette on a "10-speed" road wheel), and install the battery on the front down tube.

    Bafang kits add about 15 pounds to the weight of a bike, but you do remove a pound or so by removing the extra chainring(s) and front derailleur.

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