Just returning from the 2019 Eastern Tandem Rally, Lynnfield, MA. My wife and I used the trip up to MA to nail the last 2 states east of the MS River on our quest to cycle in every state in the continental 48. On the way up to the Boston area, we stopped and rode our Santana Ti-700 in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and yes, a bit of MA (before driving on to the Rally). 125 tandem teams converged on the 4 Points - Sheraton for 4 glorious days of riding on roads rural enough to please this transplanted OK country boy. I honestly did not expect to find roads that quiet so near Boston. No, they weren't "Alabama Backroads quiet" or "Oklahoma Where are the cars? quiet", but the roads had low-enough traffic or wide enough shoulders to not delay the auto traffic for more than a few seconds. Most gave us plenty of clearance and a friendly wave as they passed (and they used their whole hand, not just 1 finger!)

Next trip on the schedule -- fly into Paris, then join w/Santana for a cycling cruise up the Rhein and Moiselle (sp)? from Paris to Amsterdam! Whooee!