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Thread: Music Playlists for the Onboard Audio

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    Music Playlists for the Onboard Audio

    How have you created playlists to arrange tracks to be played on the audio system via the USB connection?

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    Thumb drive in the USB port and random shuffle no playlist. Works well with the Bluetooth, unlike the radio.

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    BMW Radio not intuitive

    My response to another blog post titled "Radio System" which may have some information for you:

    It should store your presets in memory, unless power was disconnected.
    I'm have trouble learning how to store (and retrieve) the presets on both the radio and satellite stations too. The programing procedure is not intuitive. As the previous reply stated, check the mode.
    I've also discovered that if you're accessing music (via USB connection) that has been stored on a thumb drive, the music must be in MP3 format. My iTunes program (on my home desktop computer) stores my songs in MP4 format. I have a 2014 Mercedes and a 2015 Ford and the stock radios will play MP3 or MP4 which makes it simple. I'm surprised that my 2018 BMW motorcycle's radio doesn't have the same capability. Perhap others in the blog may have a simple procedure to convert MP4 to MP3's?

    2018 BMW K1600B

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