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Thread: engine coolant level

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    engine coolant level

    I did my 18,000 mile service yesterday on my 16 rt. I checked my coolant level and noticed it was low so I filled it to where it needed to be.
    5 months ago when I did the 12,000 I had the same issue. I haven't had any problems with the bike overheating, didn't see any coolant in the
    oil when I changed it, haven't seen any coming out of the weep hole. Was wondering if anybody else has had to keep an eye on their coolant levels.
    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    I topped off my 15 RT twice before I got the GS.

    Only talking a few ounces overall I really did not stress over it at all.

    12K on the GS and it has not used a drop.

    I wonder myself where it may have gone and a UOA showed none in the oil and I never say anything from the weep hole, which n the 15 was just a hole. Now there is a hose on them running to under the side stand. So if it over heated you should see something wet there I would think.

    Be nice if someone comes along to splain things.
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    It's funny how the weep hole seepage issue went from "replace the water pump!" to "add a drain line so it doesn't get on the pretty black engine!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by beemermyke View Post
    It's funny how the weep hole seepage issue went from "replace the water pump!" to "add a drain line so it doesn't get on the pretty black engine!"
    Not a surprise. The owners of new bikes can be a bit hysterical sometimes when they perceive that their new motorcycle isn't perfectly perfect perfection.
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    My 2016 needed a top up from "min" to "max" at about 2500 miles - that required 2 oz of coolant mix (50/50 coolant/distilled water). That was mid summer 2017 and I occasionally saw some evidence of dripping out of the weep hole.

    I topped it off again around 7500 - 8000 miles mid summer this year, again it took about 2 oz of coolant mix. I've seen less and less evidence of dripping out of the weep hole.

    The level now seems to be sitting pretty close to "max".

    I wouldn't be too concerned unless it really starts losing a lot of coolant quickly.
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