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Thread: Barber Vintage Festival...!!!

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    Cool Barber Vintage Festival...!!!

    Does anyone here plan to get together in Barber Vintage Festival?
    Is there any BMW booth anywhere?

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    I've never been to the festival but you might find Rick Jones from Motorrad Elektrik with a booth. I think in the past Vech from Bench Mark Works has had a presence or booth. He might just be only attending lately bringing along some of his older BMWs.
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    I was set to go a few years ago, had a press pass and everything but it fell through. Still have a standing invite from my uncle to go
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    I rode up from Auburn, AL, on Friday

    Was a great time.

    There were a few BMW vendors in the swap meet areas, and of course the demo rides were there. I didn't do any demo's as I'm still learning all about my '92 K100RS.

    The vendors I did talk to work on all BMW's, airheads to modern - but they don't like to work on 16v heads and abs bikes. My '92 has both, but is running flawlessly, so I'm really just gathering possible shops. I hear of two in the area of NE Alabama (Leeds, actually, where the racetrack and museum are), and in W. GA - one shop that works on 1100's so they'll probably work on my 100RS16v bike.

    I had a weekend pass, but had to be back home Friday night and Saturday day for our daughter's Homecoming dance, and planned to go back up Sunday but that fell through. I'll go back again on the K-bike and check out the museum, when it's not so crowded. I heard today was a very busy day at the museum.

    I know were several night time social events, from the Ace Cafe to the local clubs and downtown Leeds areas.

    Did you end up coming?

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