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Thread: European vs USA version

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    European vs USA version

    Would someone tell me the difference between a 1996 R1100RS European and USA versions?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tycham View Post
    Would someone tell me the difference between a 1996 R1100RS European and USA versions?

    One thing is the Euro version does not have a charcoal canister and associated valve and tubing. Also the "cat code plug" (jumper that selects the ECM map from several) is different.
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    I suspect the differences are just emissions (stuff that Paul mentioned) and lighting (reflectors, headlight control, etc.). Country-specific speedometer, of course. On the RS there was a one-piece seat available that I think was mostly a European thing, but I'm not sure if it was all of them. US models tend to get more options than European ones, so you may be more likely to find bikes over there lacking ABS, RID, heated grips and so forth. Things that were technically options here but became pretty standard.
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    I had a Euro/CDN 96 R1100RT. The RT has the same engine as the RS. On that bike the configuration was a yellow cat code plug and a CO trimpot under the left side of the seat. Also there was NO O2 sensor and a factory installed plug cover was installed on the harness plug for the O2 sensor.

    I would expect the RS would be the same.
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