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Thread: R1200R or RT

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    R1200R or RT

    Hello all, this has probably been beat to death, but I haven't found it, I welcome a re-direct. I ride a 2012 RT. The miles are starting to add up. All trouble free so far. As we all do from time to time/constantly I fantasize about what I'd like next. I do mostly 2-3 day trips with a few multi-week ones every year. Here in Canada, the shoulders of the riding season involve a lot of 40-50o F weather. I really like the looks of an R, and it would be great for my town and short country trips. My question is how do they fare as a long distance machine. With an upgraded screen and full gear are long hours and miles possible? I love the RT, and can ride it all day every day. I am as concerned about noise as much as protection from weather. I'll preemptively respond to the "just get both" advice, and would if I could. What has been the experience of those who have/had both?
    Appreciate the wisdom.

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    Hey -

    I noticed a couple of threads that might have some info in the Similar Threads pane at the bottom of the screen. A place to start anyway!
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    I have a 2013 R1200R with a Parabellum fairing and I like it a lot. The fairing gives me some wind protection but not as much as the RT does. Some call the R1200R with the Parabellum fairing a RT Lite. I have not ridden a RT so I can not compare the difference. Parabellum does not make the fairing for the 2015 and up R1200R's so if you went that way you would need to find a 2014 or lower R1200R.
    I live in North East Ohio and use the bike to commute to work with. I ride down to 35 degrees F. I have taken the bike on week long trips out west to Novi Scotia and have no problems. I hope this helps with your decision.

    Roger L

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    It starts with your tolerance for cold

    Back in my hunting days, there was a friend of mine named Jim. He was impervious to the cold. In 6 below zero weather he did not wear gloves and explained it by saying "My hands just don't get cold". He was of much hardier stock than I. I have an 09 RT which keeps me comfortable (albeit with the heated seat and grips as well as an old Gerbing heated suit in 40-50 degree weather). For me, the RT is the hands down winner in temps of 40-50 degrees. My problem with the RT is that I get too much protection when the temp gets above 80 degrees. The 1200 R with a Parabellum shield would be my choice for temps above 80. FWIW, keep the RT (They are, like all BMWs quite hard to wear out) and find an oilhead 1100-1150 R and buy a windshield for hot weather. There are a Gazillion of them for sale these days and they can be picked up for a song. Just my 2 cents worth.

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