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Thread: 1999 R1100RT - Cannot find rear tire size - 170/60R18 (only have size 17)

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    Well maybe we're a tad over exuberant about Fort Nine but for years tires in Canada got so much more expensive than Stateside we all were buying tires from the USA. Then FortNine showed up on the scene a few years ago and suddenly we had a tire supplier who was matching US prices with free delivery via the Post Office. I jumped on it as soon as I heard about Fort Nine and have been a steady tire customer for several years now. Other than one set of pretty old Avon Distanzias they sent me I've been very happy with their quick shipping and customer service. As for the old tires I requested an exchange but no more were available and in hindsight I should have realized they had been discontinued by Avon for some time before I ordered them. Too bad because they are (were) great tires.
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