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Thread: 1996 R1100GS Side Stand Length

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    1996 R1100GS Side Stand Length

    1996 Side stand
    I need to change the length of my 1996 R1100Gs Side stand. The original design is too short for my liking. I have perused several previous threads on the issue, some dating back almost 10 years. Yes, I understand the Hockey puck and Foot pad enlarger, but I really want the longer stand.

    I know they redesigned the stand in 1998, but beyond the square foot pad, I find no other specifics about length, angle, etc.

    So, for those that know these details, here are my questions:

    1. What is the length of the redesigned R1100GS Side Stand? This from 1998 on, and is currently listed as part number 46 53 2 335 555

    2. Will an 1150 GS or GSADV side stand fit the 1100GS mount?
    If so what are the respective lengths?

    There are separate part numbers for the 1150GS versus the 1150GSA
    1150GS: part number 46 53 2 335 787
    1150GSADV: part number 46 53 7 665 503

    Thanks for any insights,

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    The safety switches connect to the stands in different ways between the 1100 and the 1150, but that may not mean that the stands won't mount the same way to the bike. AFAIK both have the same blade and bushing design. The 1100 stand has a top bolt and the 1150 has a countersunk bottom bolt. You might be able to shorten the 1150 bolt to allow the 1100 switch to mount to the top.

    Or maybe it won't work at all.
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    You could lengthen it. Stack a wood block or two under it until itís how you want it. If you donít weld, you could have it prepped for a welder and the charge should be minimal.
    I shortened both stands on the F800GS when I took 2Ē out of the suspension, your just going in the other direction.
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