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Thread: No longer a quiet ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAS View Post
    Obviously you made a change that you dont like. Only you will know the solution.

    But what if I'm dumb?

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    Looks like it was a defective road smart 3. 2 in a row. Metzler solved the problem.

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    Thanks for closing the loop on that. Glad you got it to go away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by uberuser View Post
    Looks like it was a defective road smart 3. 2 in a row. Metzler solved the problem.
    Curious to know the approximate age of the defective tire. An NTSB study says tires should be replaced every 4 years -- 6 at the absolute max -- based only on age, not mileage. My read of the study suggests 6 is too long for motorcycle tires based on their recommendations about "higher performance" tires.
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    New tire. 1 year old. Sent photos of the inside to Dunlop and after a very short review they decided to send me a new tire. Tried loading a photo here and kept getting an error. 3 distinct ridges on the inside of the tire.

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