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Thread: 50 Years of riding mostly BMW

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    50 Years of riding mostly BMW

    I started out on a friend's Honda 350 while in Ohio for work. I loved it so much, I was hooked on riding. My next bike was a 1970 Triumph Bonneville 650. It was modified somewhat like a chopper with Texas handlebars. I kept her a few years, then life caught me with family and kids until 1987. That's when I purchased my first BMW, a K100LT. I equipped her with a Russell personalized seat. It was a most comfortable bike. I rode across the continent from Quebec to California and back. The most pleasant trip I ever took. Even got snowed in in Wyoming on my way back. I attended the York, PA rally and enjoyed every minutes of. A tour at the HD factory and a ride on their track convinced me that I made the right choice with my K.

    When I moved to Florida a few years later for work, she followed me to Miami and the Keys. I met new people on the road and it was great to be able to ride all year long, rain or shine, and it shines a whole lot in FL. By that time I was a BMWMOA Life Member and attended rallies all over. I bought a few more bikes and my last and preferred ride for almost 10 years was the 1996 K100RSA. The fastest bike for its time, comfortable, stable and quick like no other bike. She was my best daily ride and on the weekend, the long rides on Snake Road and the Everglades was a relaxing time that I enjoyed.

    Then I came across this 1980 R100RT attached to a California sidecar with very low mileage. It had belonged to the Shriners in Miami who used it for their parades two or three times a year. The red paint was very attractive and I bought this new toy not knowing if I would like driving a sidecar. The hack was too heavy though and after a few years, I sold the sidecar and kept the bike.

    So now I had two bikes and I could not decide which one I liked better. Both were fun, a different ride that brought a different pleasure on each. Well destiny caught up to me again in 2005. I sold my bikes and my home just in time before the financial collapse that was felt heavily in Florida among other States.

    Because I ride too fast, very fast, for long distances like most BMW riders, my family suggested that I not ride anymore. After watching secretly eBay and some other websites, I found the most interesting bike of them all in March this year. I was able to convince my family to let me acquire it as a present for my retirement. And they accepted. Phew! That was a lot of negotiations and compromises. But I had the go-ahead and purchased this new bike.

    I never could find on eBay a BMW that was in my budget and I did not want to spend a fortune. What I purchased is a 2009 Triumph Bonneville T100 attached to a Cozy sidecar. I was her third owner. The first one sold her at 750 miles, and the second one had the Cozy installed but only rode her for another 1000 miles. So everything is new on that bike and it's a beauty. It rides fast, but don't tell the family, and she's stable on the road, easy to maneuver.

    She's what I needed for my old age.

    Here are some pics.1980 BMW R100RT.jpg1996 K1100RSA.jpg21785_05.jpg
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    Thanks for the intro and welcome to the forum! Sounds like you settled in on something that makes you want to ride again!
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    Welcome to the forum. Nice intro and pictures.

    Good luck.
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