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Thread: K1200LT Who actually replaces the shocks and springs on these bikes? Too Expensive

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    Cool K1200LT Shocks

    Quote Originally Posted by mslacool View Post
    Thank you for the help

    I have done that and it makes the general ride fine... I guess I don't know what I am missing since it only bottoms out when I hit a pothole or dip hard. Its a passable heavy ride. Down the freeway its still good. So why don't I replace them, because its a lot of work, a lot of expense and it doesn't pencil when I have three bikes that I can ride if I want a better bumpy ride.

    I haven't seen any alternatives to 1500.00 to replace the shocks if I paid to have it done. I don't own a motorcycle lift or have a place to store it so anything requiring the LT to be off the ground is a difficult endeavor. I am having more trouble each year just getting it on the center stand,


    I'm going to throw some thoughts into this discussion:

    The LT's, as mentioned above, have fallen out of favor. Probably because of the difficulty to get to "stuff" to do maintenance. PLUS they are heavy machines. Below 4-5 mph they can be a "bear" for an inexperienced rider. Removing the plastic panels, while easy if you have done it a few times, can be intimidating the first time. THEN when you get to things, it still requires some mechanical skill to check valves, etc.. They ARE a complicated "mouse trap" to work on.

    The "old" LT's are still one of the best long distance, comfortable, touring machines out there (my opinion). HOWEVER, they are NOT for everyone!!! Given the things you mentioned, such as not having a place (or possibly the inclination) to work on yours. Perhaps your best solution IS to sell it and enjoy one of your other machines.
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    If putting a $1000 shock on a $2000 bike does not make sense, I can't see how buying a $20,000 bike to avoid the expense does. I think I could double the "value" of my K1100RS by filling it with gas. But, I love the bike and just got her a new over-priced rear shock. Now, even though it makes even less "economic sense", I love it even more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mslacool View Post
    I did not get any notification of replies.
    You do not get notifications of replies unless you subscribe to the thread.
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    In June of this year a friend asked if I wanted his '95 K1100RS.
    I asked him, how much?
    He said he wanted to give it to me.(the bike)
    My immediate reply was NO! (I'm trying figure out how to get rid of a bike or three)

    He went on vacation...
    For 2 WEEKS!

    I got the bike!
    It is a well cared for bike with 64,000 miles.
    I replaced the original stock shock with a YSS purchased from Beemershop for about $400.00 and have since put 5,000 trouble free miles on it.
    The shock works fine, but just as when I replaced shocks on an other bike that I wound up keeping, I'm thinking I should've sprung for a Wilbers or Ohlins shock.

    49 again.jpg

    This Kbike is worth keeping.

    I have 2 Airheads that each would sell at more than twice the price I might get for a better bike, the K.

    The first 2 cars I owned (mid '70's) were VW's, a '55 bug and a '64 bus. See what their value is now!

    If traveling long distance my first pick would be the Kbike, the Airheads are well sorted and would be my second and third choices.
    You would have to pay me big bucks to drive the VWs farther than a local burger joint.

    Bottom line is, suspension takes the beating, and good bits are expensive. If the bike is in good shape, crappy suspension will chew tires up and makes riding it a misery instead of a joy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikegalbicka View Post
    What a helpful reply. And from a moderator to boot. No wonder people leave.
    Mike, 98lee has a record of being a tremendous help to countless folks in this forum, including myself on multiple occasions. I can assure you that if there were a less expensive alternative to make the repair he would have offered that advice. It sounded to me like there wasn't a less expensive path and he said so. Time will tell if that path becomes available. This forum and 98lee's FREE repair advice providing detailed diagnostic steps, parts accessibility info, and general friendly help is one of the main reasons I am a BMW ON member.

    IMHO giving frank advice should be no reason for folks to leave this forum.

    Ride safe!

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