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Thread: New Owner or '08 R1200RT in Santa Barbara., Ca

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    New Owner or '08 R1200RT in Santa Barbara., Ca

    Just purchased my first BMW over the weekend. It has the dreaded ABS failure and a few other issues that I think may be related but got a good deal and I think it will be s fun project. I'm a long time Harley owner and an even longer time rider. (Japanese bikes starting in the early 70s). Like what I have seen in this group so far. I've found lots of good info that I'm sure will be very helpful as I tear into the bike. My first question out of the box is where is the best place to order OEM parts? No dealer here in town and even if there was I like trying to avoid our high sales taxes... Also, I thought I would be posting in the "Oil Heads" group but over the weekend I was told that my bike falls into the "Hex Head" category?

    Look forward to chatting

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    Welcome sb

    Saw a few of your posts about ABS issues...sorry and hope the solution comes along for you.
    A few of us...more than a few,have or still have other brands and some stories from each marquee..all good as we still are riding.

    Not a special source for parts, you'll get a few suggestions, a few online have great parts fiche sites.
    Sometimes it's worth giving somewhat local dealers a shot in spite of costs. I use several, though in store pickups take a half day travels...on bikes no big deal, but the big brown truck sure is convenient when a ride is not happening.
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    Hi sbrider and welcome to the Forums! I had a 2008 RT and put about 50K miles on it. I went through Santa Barbara on it a few years ago. Nice place for sure.

    I didn't have any ABS issues, but I did have a final-drive failure at about 32,000 miles. I don't know if anyone has good advice to keep that from happening, but changing the fluid more often might delay or prevent the problem. I seem to recall that initially the refill amount on the final drive fluid was 220ml, but a couple of years later was changed to 180ml where it remains.

    Anyway, have fun!
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