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Thread: Brake pads

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    Brake pads

    what brake pads is best for a 2011 R1200RT

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    I've been happy with EBC products on several bikes. I use the sintered type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxie View Post
    what brake pads is best for a 2011 R1200RT
    Just bought a set of EBC (fully sintered) HH pads for my R1150RT. I found the part numbers I needed on the EBC website, then ordered them from Amazon to save a few bucks and take advantage of free shipping.

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    another vote for EBC HH pads...use them on pretty much every bike i have ever owned... i do use Carbone Lorraine sintered on the 15-S1R though, better feedback...the S1R brakes are a bit touchy...

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    I too have used EBC HH for a number of bikes. However, most recent purchase, for an '08 R1200RT front pads, didn't work out. From the get go the EBC pads caused moderate vibrations from 20 mph to stop. Called EBC and they told me to put additional miles on them. Did total 400 miles before going to new $$$ stock BMW pads...the "fix" was immediate. EBC offered to send another set under warranty if I wanted. This may have been a one time problem.

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