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Thread: Tachometer repair on '77 R100/7

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    Tachometer repair on '77 R100/7

    I am working on a repair to the tachometer on my '77 R100/7 and I would appreciate your help. I heard a rubbing sound the other day when the bike started cold, but the sound went away after warming up. I probably should have disconnected the tach cable, but I didn't. Today the sound occurred again, and eventually the needle stopped moving and the rubbing sound got louder and began to make a rattling sound. I took apart the tach/speedo unit and I noticed that a white plastic gear on a metal rod seems to be damaged on the tachometer. I haven't been able to find this replacement part, and I was wondering if anyone here has experience replacing this. I would rather replace the plastic gear than the whole speedo/tach unit! Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Welcome! Check the link in my signature line. Terry Vrla might be a good contact to see what he can do for you.
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    Overseas Speedometer in Austin Tx does good work.

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    I highly recommend Terry’s work.
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    Best in the West! Terry repairs our airhead instruments for reasonable rates and does great work.

    Terry Vrla
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    Terry does excellent work and is reasonable in price!
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