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Thread: Why did you buy a BMW?

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    Well, I bought my first BMW (1996 RT) simply because Yamaha had stopped making the Seca 750. I wanted shaft drive and BMW was the only one making something that wasn't a Harley WannaBee. I've bought the rest (K12LT, F650, GS, GS, R12RTLC) simply because they're BMWs!


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    My first BMW was a 1962 R69s. It was posted in the company news paper. The asking price was $600. I called to set up an appointment to see it. What would you offer.

    I made an offer of $300.00, the seller said he would consider it. Then his wife said what could you pay for it. I said, $300, cash. She said sold. That started our life with BMWs.

    Joined BMWMOA in 1972. purchased life membership in about 1974/75. The wife an I have 3 digit membership numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by royce View Post
    BTW, I am happy on the F800ST but have never drunk the BMW Kool-Aid. My next bike might well be some other brand, depending on whatever my criteria are at the time.
    I love the look of the STs and also what I like: a sport touring bike... good for daily rider as well as longer trips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tibork View Post
    I love the look of the STs and also what I like: a sport touring bike... good for daily rider as well as longer trips.
    Mine is ridden almost daily, plus it has been in all the lower 48 west of the Mississippi River and a few on the right side. It is the perfect size for me, fast enough to get me thrown in jail in every state, and comfortable for this 73-yr-old back and knees to ride all day long. I'm looking around but have not yet found anything, from any manufacturer, that I would rather have. Yet.

    Good luck.
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    This is a fun topic so this is a fairly extensive story and thank you if you follow till the end.

    I rode Japanese bikes on and off since 1982 but before getting my license, I remember watching an action movie that contained a scene of a police chase with motorcycle police on white K-bikes whipping through traffic. There was something magical about how the bikes handled that always stuck with me. BMW had always been a brand that I thought was out of reach financially for me and I never thought about owning one for the next 27 years.

    In 2009 while I was unemployed, I saw an ad in Craigslist placed by a used car lot in New Westminster, BC Canada while I was searching for work. It was an 86 K75 but a previous owner had put on the RS plastic from a K100 in Columbia Silver Colour scheme 616. I drove by many times over the next couple of months and admired how majestic the bike looked parked at the corner of the car lot. Fortunately for me, the bike had no interest from other buyers and I watched the price on Craigslist drop several hundred dollars a few times over the next 4 months until it was nearly half what it originally listed for. I went in for a test drive for the first time, threw a crazy lower offer at the salesman and he agreed to sell it. Whoops... I now had to make up an excuse to tell my wife I bought a motorcycle but without a job, I was scared. So I put the bike into storage at a local motorcycle dealership and 3 months later, after I had started my new job in February, while we were slowly waking up on a Saturday morning, I rolled over and whispered to her... "I have a secret..."

    She thought something far worse than my buying a motorcycle as my secret, my teenage kids exclaimed "you weren't really going for interviews were you?" but they all thought like me, it was a beautiful machine when we went to see it that afternoon. I bought it with 162K km in 2009 and after 8 years, pushed it to 285K. This is the only bike I ride all year round and the BMW brand makes me feel like a 'real' biker enduring all sorts wather

    I am a proud BMW owner and 1 month before the Salt Lake City rally, purchased and rode a 2004 1150RT to the rally with my buddy. In the summer, after my 23yo daughter finished her motorcycle course and got her license, I kept encouraging her to go with the BMW brand if she had the chance and luckily for her in September, she purchased a low mileage (5K Kms) yellow 2004 F650CS to our garage. I am really looking forward to next summer when we will likely do some moto camping while one day attending my third rally and her first when the rally comes back West.


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    FJR was feeling a bit cramped, KLR quite comfortable but too slow for the long trips I've been taking.
    I wanted a bike capable of off-highway as well as long distance touring.
    Rode a friends R1200GS and decided to make the change to an R1200GS Adv, love it so far, farkling in earnest.

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    99 r1100rs

    Bought so I could ride in the rain when the Harley sits in the garage. Always intrigued by the boxer engine design, very appealing to my eye.

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