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Thread: Atacama Luggage Availability

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    Atacama Luggage Availability

    Neewb here. Does anyone know the current status of Atacama pannier availability? It seems like due to the GSA reflector recall, they are still not available. Ridiculous situation since you can purchase racks (haven't been removed from market) to fit your GS that don't even have reflectors.

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    Atacama bags

    If you haven't purchased them yet, buy them direct from the source

    BMW bought the rights from them.
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    Ditto, the Mosko direct stuff is nicer than the Atacama.
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    I asked my dealer about the Atacama bags and they couldn't give them away as they sat on the shelf for almost two years.....
    They aren't for everyone or every occasion either. The Mosko Motos are identical and cost less than the BMW branded ones.YMMV
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    Put Mosko 25L paniers on just before Atacamas were announced. Took bike in for the reflector recall and fork recall. Picked up, and reflectors and brackets were in a plastic bag in the saddle bag. Mosko products are great. Lots of various products, new ones coming up. Check out their website.

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