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    Starting to plan next years week away and I would really like to explore the mining area, towns of Appalachia. Grandfather was a miner or Northeast Pa. so there is my connection. I am most interested in the history piece of the trip. Towns that were bustling and now are defunct etc.
    There is not much I can find about the roads and riding, what towns to go through etc.
    I want to experience the true Appalachia not the touristy part of it, if there is such a thing.
    Anyone out there that can help me with my planning?
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    I'd check out Thurmond, WV, it's like a railroad ghost town. New River Gorge Bridge area. My son is going to Scout camp next summer in Glen Jean, WV so I'm gonna check all this out (again) when I visit him.

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    I've ridden all over Ohio, West Virginia and western PA. Many people don't realize southeastern Ohio was heavy mining country...still is!

    Ride on the old state and federal roads and you will have lots of adventures. These roads take you through all the old towns and can be challenging hills and curves.

    Consider going to see the Big Muskie on State Route 78, McConnelsville, Ohio. It is a 220 Cubic Yard bucket, the largest in the world, that was used for the open pit mining.
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    check out Rick's site at

    not all his reports are in the area you are looking for, but they are all an outstanding read!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    check out Rick's site at

    not all his reports are in the area you are looking for, but they are all an outstanding read!
    And a friend of Neil Peart's!

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    I just saw something cross my facebook feed from giving away a copy of a Southern WV motorcycling guide. Maybe check that out.

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