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Thread: Crash detection apps

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    Crash detection apps

    Since I frequently ride alone I thought it might be worthwhile to see if there are any smart phone apps that can detect a crash and automatically summon aid. Searching the iOS app store for "motorcycle crash detection" turned up three: REALRIDER, Detecht - Motorcycle GPS, and EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS. Only the last one has a rating (3/5).

    Has anyone tried any of these apps, or do you have others to recommend? Any experience of how they work in an actual crash?

    Cheers, Ken
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    I use a DeLorme (now Garmin) inReach SE for that purpose. Only one of Washington's passes over the Cascades has cell phone coverage along the entire route. A smartphone app wouldn't do much, if it didn't have a cell tower within range. The inReach SE uses satellites instead. There's some debate over whether to clip it to yourself in case you separate from the bike and need to summon help, or to attach it to the bike. I chose the latter. I figure that even if I can't summon help, my wife can follow my track online and tell the search & rescue people where to look for me based on my last location.

    I prefer the inReach over a SPOT for several reasons. One is simply that when my long distance riding is over for the season, I suspend the subscription and reactivate it in the spring. With the SPOT service, I believe you can only get a year long subscription.

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    FWIW, the new Apple watch will detect sudden stops and movements associated with a fall/accident. It is suppose to automatically call emergency contact if the user does not respond to a watch prompt within a given time window. Might be more than you planned to spend. Good luck with your search.

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    I also found this app

    There is an article about it here.

    It looks like the actual charge is $3/month, not $10/month as stated in the Slate article.

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    I tried EatSleepRide for a while and found it to be of little value.
    The group I ride with regularly had been experimenting with it to keep track of each riders in case group members got separated.
    We had issues finding each other while standing in the parking lot, forget it when riding.

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