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Thread: cutting the apex

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friedle View Post
    American translation from the Queen's English...…….Don't go any faster than you can see to stop....hitting the bulldozer doesn't count as stopping. Okay, it does sort of count, but usually only once.


    I was thinking more of the farm tractor/manure spreader around that next curve...
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    farm tractor/manure spreader
    No such thing on a racetrack - full speed ahead!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guenther View Post
    No such thing on a racetrack - full speed ahead!

    When I was a corner worker we once had a problem with a rogue Irish Setter that seemed to want to chase race bikes. He was pesky and hard to catch because he would run off the track property and then sneak back to chase more bikes.
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    Always an exception! Years ago a deer on the backstretch of Pocono Raceway caused issues more than the smaller critterin most of these

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