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Thread: Denali Visibility Pods

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    Denali Visibility Pods

    Nice ad in this month's BMW ON. But I've not been able to learn much more about them from DENALIelectronics or TwistedThrottle - no dimension drawings or wiring specifics. They do seem reasonably priced. The Pods look like they can cure my Goldwing Mirror Light Envy, but the devil hides in the details. Does anyone know whether they will install decently (are the dimensions correct?) on the hand guards on a R1200GS? Can they be wired into the BMW auxiliary lights? Perhaps through a 2-position toggle to implement that function. Or, heaven forbid, can they be wired in parallel with a set of Darlas? Will they accept the resultant current modulation for intensity control? Thanks for whatever you can offer. Brant

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    I did a straight Denali install using a CANSmart, a SoundBlaster Horn and bracket, D2's on the Denali bracket fitting on the nose of my GSA and a Clearwater Billie Tail light(Twisted Throttle had sold out of their tail light). Same install on both my wife's and my '17 GSA's.

    Everything in the package was first cabin. Really nice wire and socket sections with plug and play functionality, plus computer customization. The install was straight forward, the instructions were great and all the parts worked first time. The horn will get attention, believe me, it will. The D-2 lights add lots of light, in the ditches and on the highway - great upgrade. The tail light is also a worthwhile safety upgrade. We've run 15K + miles on this setup since the first of the year. I can always pick out my wife's lights in back of me and she has no trouble picking out my tail light. No one has pulled into us from a side street with the light/horn setup nor have I ever thought someone was not seeing my brake lights. We just got back from a Yellowstone trip with a '17 RS along and the OEM RS lights are very poor compared to the Denali setup. When some one starts to pull into my lane and I blast them with the Soundblaster Horn and flashing D-2 lights, they stop coming into my lane and pull away from me every time.

    I run the D-2 lights at 50% day and night, 100% on brite lights. Cannot see why more power would be incrementally much better. There are lights with more output, but you'd just have to turn them down during the day with no benefit.

    As I didn't try to do an install onto an already lighted bike like the OP, I cannot comment on those questions.

    Getting ready to build a new dash board power system for Uniden R-3 radar detector, Sena SM10, Samsung phone and a couple of aux charging ports for my tank bag using the 4th circuit off the CANSmart.
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