Hello Beemer Fans,

Of the four BMWs Iíve owned since 1973, one finally broke big time. The clutch on my 1998 R1100RT ABS, finally gave up the ghost making the bike un-rideable in its current condition. Up until this happened, the bike has been the most reliable, rock-solid bike Iíve ever owned, with 278k miles on the odo. Iíve decided to sell the bike rather than repair it as repairs could easily get into the $1,200 range. Plus, itís one of three m/cís I have and itís time to let one go.

My question: Whatís the best way to sell a bike with that many miles? (I was hoping to get a few hundred bucks for it. I donít see project bikes like this in the Marketplace.) Iíd sure hate to see this bike get parted-out at a scrap yard of sorts.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank You