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Thread: Top box or duffel?

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    As you see, lots of suggestions from lots of riders. I noticed that many riders started out with duffels and ended up with top box. I went the other way: put a top box on my first cross-country ride and used it tons over the years. But I never grew to like the look of that big ol' bulbous thing sticking up and out. So I went to a duffle (actually, several of various sizes depending on the load). A duffle is more useful and it is not there, visually, when I don't use it.

    Part of this issue for me is that I have progressively bought smaller and smaller bikes each time I trade. I am now on a pretty small bike and a top box, IMO, looks out of proportion on it. Plus, I am a minimalist packer/traveler and I seldom even put anything in the side cases.

    Good luck.
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    ejm which panniers do you have on your GSA, the Varios or aluminum boxes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    ejm which panniers do you have on your GSA, the Varios or aluminum boxes?
    Aluminum boxes
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