This thread on ADV rider while it may not your exact model, they are all very similar, the steps are documented very well.

You will need to verify your shim thickness's are correct before you reassemble the final drive, something caused your bearing and retainer to go bad, improper loading may be the cause, only correct shim thickness will rule that out. There are some specialty tools which will need to be purchased or fabricated, you need to be cognizant of why you are doing each step and pay attention to details.

If you have any question about your ability at all, I'd suggest you contact AntonLargiader for a quote. This one job you don't want to muck up or have to do twice, ruining your case's or other components is much more expensive than having a trained specialist like Anton doing your repair correctly the first time. The peace of mind that the work was done correctly especially during an extended tour can be priceless.

Good luck with what ever you choose to do, post some photos, we're a simple lot and like pictures.