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Thread: 2014 F700GS with Jesse Bags

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    2014 F700GS with Jesse Bags

    So about 6 weeks ago my wife bought a 2014 F700GS with Jesse Bags on the bike. Nice bags but there is a big annoyance. Not sure if it is with the Jesse Bags themselves or that they have been dinged slightly. The bag on the fuel cap side interferes with the fuel cap when trying to open the cap. She must pull out slightly on the front of the bag to get the fuel cap to swing open.

    I have looked at the mounting brackets, reinstalled them according to the install guide, I have looked at the bag and there appears to be no distortion from the dings. I have put spacers in between the frame mount and the bag bracket to see if I could get more clearance. I am at a loss.

    Anyone else with this issue? And if so what was the resolution?

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    Annie has Jesses on her 2014 F800GS as well. With the bags mounted on the racks as far rearward as possible the fuel lid misses the bag, but just barely.
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    When I have tried moving the bags as far to the rear as possible, the latch that hold the bag to the rack interferes with both the bumper and the signal light. The only way to move the bag further back is to try and move it after the latch has turned but not tightened. I will try thanks

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    I ended up contacting Jesse Bags and they are helping me out. It seems as though some spacers are missing.

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