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Thread: Skid Plate advice

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    Skid Plate advice

    I have a 2016 f800GS and my next purchase is a skid plate and I need help selecting a good skid plate, Iím wondering how it will affect oilchanges and maybe the double stand? They run from $53 on eBay to over $400??
    Any help will be appreciated

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    Iím running the factory skid plate. Itís been fine so far. Itís been a while since I put it on so there is a chance there has been some advances in design.
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    I use these because they protect the air filter as well:

    They needed a bit of bending to clear the converter and the exhaust pipes. Easy to remove for oil filter change.

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    There are many good options available depending on what level of protection you expect to need. Almost all of them are superior to the BMW original unit. The plate I have unfortunately is no longer made, but has the features I deem of critical importance. It is thick enough to withstand serious impacts at 4mm, it extends far enough back to protect the catalytic converter, it protects the oil filter and oil cooler on the front. Removing it to do oil changes is a minimal task taking only a minute or two, so not really an issue nor does it affect the center stand operation. This should be typical for almost any plate you choose. Mostly it will come down to price and availability for you and of course appearance if that concerns you.
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    Annie has an AltRider skid plate and crash bars on her 2014 F800GS. She also has AltRider protection on her R12GS, but runs the factory skid plate. The AltRider kit is well made, fits well and sturdy.
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