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Thread: Alaska via NWT questions

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    Alaska via NWT questions

    I'm going to Alaska next summer. I'm a sedentary 65, no medical issues, and ride my GSA solo, pavement only, PR4 tires (although those can change, of course). I'm looking at the route from Regina to Edmonton, north to the Great Slave Lake, west to Fort Laird, then south to pick up the Alaska Highway just past Fort Nelson. This is all in service of my goal of adding SK and NWT to my "provinces visited" map. On my way back I'm looking at taking the Cassiar Highway, then over to Prince Rupert where I'll take the ferry to Vancouver Island, then another ferry from Victoria to the mainland.

    I'd be doing this in July and August so weather shouldn't be an issue (unless Canada catches fire while I'm there). Anyone care to share their recent experience with these roads? Paved, gravel, dirt? Is this an exceptionally foolish plan?
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    Lots of threads on the topic on ADV
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