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Thread: 2003 k1200gt - what goes on the back of this fender?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caseyc View Post
    PO removed/cut the fender off my 99 KRS to just under the plate.
    Wish mine was full length. Trying to find one for a decent price, is tough.
    Odd. I was just at the Larz Anderson Euro Bike show in Boston two weeks ago. A guy with a 2004 K1200RS was looking at my 2003, trying to note differences. I mentioned that I thought there were none. He pointed to the rear fender and told me that for 04 they shortened it.
    I walked over to his bike and noted the hacksawed look of the end of his rear fender. His PO had cut off the fender just below the plate. He had never noticed it.

    As for the adjustable fender length, I wish they would include that in the front fenders. That's where the length can do some real good.

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    If you want a seamless and nearly undetectable front fender extender, just replace the back half of the fender with the same piece from a K1200LT...

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