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LOL. Kind of off the ABS topic, but there were no "professional" Driver's ED teachers in public schools. At best it was the football coach or one of his assistants. Mine simply used the state DMV's pamphlet for cars, and the only personal experience he added to it was: "look out for pigs,... they are the most dangerous hazard, and will flip your car over". Real relevant for an urban high school scenario. Pigs are everywhere on the highway, right? I would have rather had weird Uncle Steve teach my mandatory class.

Using professional driving schools for education as they do today (and like MSF for motorcycle endorsements) is probably a much better way to handle basic training and less strain on public school funding.

There was not one mention about motorcycles in my high school days, and there were no motorcycle specific endorsement requirements either to have that added to your license.
I'm in favor of motorcycle education for motorcyclists - because that is specific to us. Forget trying to educate John Q Public about stopping distances (car vs. bike). Educate bikers to leave enough space for a safe stop and have an emergency plan in their head when things go wrong.
I came from a time that we had fully funded school system with a national certified instructors for drivers education. I was blessed. We had a driving range and practiced emergency maneuvers, following distance, had computer simulations (crude by today). So many things taught that I still use. Education is key, and we need to fund and certify real teachers in the most dangerous thing we do turn the key of any vehicle. Yes remove the football coach