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Thread: 2019 r1250 rt

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcopolo View Post
    There is a rather extensive press package for both new bikes, GS and RT. Here's what is says about lighting:

    "For decades now, BMW Motorrad has been regarded as a frontrunner when it comes to safety in connection with motorcycling. One shining example in the truest sense of the word is the LED headlamp which is now offered as a standard feature of the R 1250 GS. In addition to this, the LED daytime riding light is available as an optional equipment item for the R 1250 GS and also the R 1250 RT, which has halogen headlamps. The LED headlamp of the R 1250 GS illuminates the road with a hitherto unrivalled clarity, thereby ensuring additional perception in traffic. The light unit consists of two LED units for low and high beam and, in connection with LED daytime riding light as an optional equipment item, four additional LED units for daytime riding light and side light."
    The DRLs for both the US spec wethead RT and GS have always been LEDs, and almost any in-stock GS has been ordered with LED headlights, although you could order them without if you wanted (you may have had to twist the dealer's arm though because if something happened and you backed out of the sale he'd have found that bike hard to sell). I bet this "enhancement" is a lemons to lemonade thing though: the demand for non-LEDs was so low it cost them more to offer them than to make the LED standard. Not sure how they get to four.

    I recall reading some time back that BMW didn't want to make the RT headlight too high-tech because it'd reduce product differentiation with the K1600 bikes. Also adding a fancy tilt/steer HID like on the K16 to the RT would be expensive.

    I do think it's about damn time they put LED headlights on the RT though.
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    I am also disappointed with BMW.The hexhead rt's had 2 h-7 headlamp bulbs.My 2015 rt has one and their newest model only has one.BMW wants to talk safety but they can't put a modern headlight on there newest bike! I realize putting the self leveling , turning headlight on the rt will take away the value on the k16 but I don't think it would be a deciding factor when someone wants the k bike. And yes i know i can add Clearwater lights (already have) but i probably would add them anyway. You can't have enough light.My 2015 still runs fantastic so I'm not in a hurry to buy the new one.

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