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Thread: Checking in from Minneapolis MN

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    Checking in from Minneapolis MN

    Hi all ... a week ago I would have not thought I would be on any BMW forum, now a new club member here.

    My partner and I went out to breakfast last Sunday morning and came home with this 'thing'. It was on the side of the road with a for sale sign. First we passed it on the way to breakfast, just noted it, then coming back we passed it again but then we started to talk about how we wanted a touring bike to take trips ... so we turned around and checked it out. Kind of high miles (88K but long trip miles) and runs a little rough at this point but because of these the price was something I couldn't refuse - also came with two brand new helmets and two BMW heated vests! I've been riding bikes for 10 years but the biggest I had was a 600 Yamaha street bike so this is a bit of learning yet ... anyway, we're very excited to get it into top shape and start taking trips, and also excited to join this club!

    '94 BMW R1100RS

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    That is a find. My wife has one she has put over 410,000 miles on.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Thats a NICE motorcycle!
    I had one in Classic Black.

    Welcome from Apple Valley!

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    Beautiful bike. Congrats!
    Ken Dittrick
    2008 R1200RT (Biarritz Blau)

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    Thank you all, we're excited both for the bike and to be a club member!

    Wow Paul! Over 400K? I didn't expect they can run that long :O

    Thanks Joe ... my partner lived many years in Rosemount and Eagan, she used to live close to your town.

    Thanks bogthebasher ... looks like you have a nice ride yourself

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    Welcome! I love the 1100RS. It is so much easier to work on than the RT. There are a bunch of long term upgrades that these bikes should have done to bring up the reliability. If you have service history that will help a lot. Otherwise, start a new thread when you're ready.
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
    R1100RT, R100, R60/6

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