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    New member from St Louis

    In my small journey (54 miles away) I went to buy a dirt bike. I started talking with the owner and he said he had an old BMW in his garage. I asked if I could see it, the bike looked pretty decent. I then convinced him to sell it to me. I did of course verify that the engine kicked over. It's an R75/5. The vin plate has a build date of 12/69 so i would assume it would be a 1970.
    I've sourced the fuel tank knee pads and a few other missing parts. I did get it running also.

    I did buy the Yamaha dirt bike also.


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    Nice looking bike look up the the airhead Beemer Club and join it will be about the best $30 you have ever spent the members have so much knowledge and are so willing to share it. The Missouri Air Marshel is Joe Brinkmen lives in St Louis also ( Send a PM if you need more info I live about 40 miles from St. Louis in Staunton Il.

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    Welcome! Kewl, a two-fer!! Yes, 1970 was the first model year of the /5. Congrats!!
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    mine-ineye-deatheah-pielayah-jooa-kalayus. oolah-minane-hay-meeriah-kal-oyus-algay-a-thaykin', buddy!

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