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Thread: New member from St Louis

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    New member from St Louis

    In my small journey (54 miles away) I went to buy a dirt bike. I started talking with the owner and he said he had an old BMW in his garage. I asked if I could see it, the bike looked pretty decent. I then convinced him to sell it to me. I did of course verify that the engine kicked over. It's an R75/5. The vin plate has a build date of 12/69 so i would assume it would be a 1970.
    I've sourced the fuel tank knee pads and a few other missing parts. I did get it running also.

    I did buy the Yamaha dirt bike also.


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    Nice looking bike look up the the airhead Beemer Club and join it will be about the best $30 you have ever spent the members have so much knowledge and are so willing to share it. The Missouri Air Marshel is Joe Brinkmen lives in St Louis also ( Send a PM if you need more info I live about 40 miles from St. Louis in Staunton Il.

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    Welcome! Kewl, a two-fer!! Yes, 1970 was the first model year of the /5. Congrats!!
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    my 750/5 is from 6/70

    The tank fuel cap on your bike is hinged at the front and opens towards the front (steering head side). From the next production year on, the cap was reversed, hinged at the rear and opening to the rear. The caps are interchangeable. The carbs do not have vacuum ports for tuning. There are no fuses in the electrical system - anywhere, making these early electrical systems somewhat more fragile than earlier or later bikes (several /5 electrical components can be found on the fire wall of BF 109's and ME 262's). The engine performance and your enjoyment of the bike will be improved by the addition of an electronic ignition. The front fork assembly on your 70/5 is the same as the 68/2US. These were the first BMW's for me too but they were new at the time. Welcome, Nice find - ! What dirt bike?
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