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Thread: 1996 R1100RT Clutch Adjustment

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    1996 R1100RT Clutch Adjustment

    How do I get at the clutch cable adjustment bolt on the rear of the gear box? The two manuals I have just say it is accessed from the right side but give no other hints on what needs to be removed. On my K100 I can easily see and access it looking under the bike on the right side, nothing need to be removed. For my R1100RT, do I need to remove the wheel and ? Thanks

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    You can access the adjuster without removing any parts but it takes a lot of twisting and hand/wrist manipulation. It is easier if you do remove the rear wheel.
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    I have found it easier to access from the left side, using a 6" extension (or was it a 12"?) on the socket wrench, a 3" extension at the nut, with a U-joint between them. On the RT, if you drop the left foot peg mounting plate as well you can actually reach a hand in to seat the socket on the nut.
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