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Thread: Clutch disk wear limit 1978 R80/7. ?

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    Clutch disk wear limit 1978 R80/7. ?

    My Clymer manual states the clutch disk wear limit at 2.6 mm for 1978 R80 And 4.5 mm for bikes 1981 and newer. But most posts and internet information says 4.5 mm as minimum. Can anyone confirm the minimum wear limit for 1978 R80 ? Is the Clymer manual correct at 2.6 mm ?

    The disk measures 4.7 mm at the outside near 5mm inside. Decision to replace will be based on what the real minimum is.

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    Welcome to the forum! My Haynes manual says 4.5mm is the doesn't give dimensions by year, just the one number so applies to all models. My BMW shop manual for the R60/7-R100RS (basically '78 and '79 models) also says 4.5mm as the minimum.

    Both manuals give the standard thickness at 6mm, so you're pretty far down from that. I wouldn't try to coax any more miles out of it at this point. You'll just have to be back in there in a short period of time. You're already there!
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