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Thread: R1100 RT Howling Sound?

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    R1100 RT Howling Sound?

    My 96 R1100RT has always made what I can only call a howling sound when you open the throttle. It's always there with the slightest touch of the throttle. As soon as you let off twisting the grip, it's gone. I do have a K & N air cleaner on the bike, not the stock one. I am assuming this is caused by the air being sucked into the engine, but that's happening even when the engine is not accelerating so why doesn't it make the sound all the time? Is this unique to my bike, or do all the 1100s do this? It's mildly annoying and I don't recall any other motorcyle I've owned making that much noise through the air intake. Is there a cure for this? Do the 1150s or 1200s do this also? Thanks.

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    Why don't you try a stock air filter and see if that changes things (Mahle LX578, about $5). No, that is not a typical noise on an Oilhead. Howling from worn tires is common, but not this.
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    You might want to check the throttle body shafts for play. Sometimes the excess play can create that sound.

    Do a search on Oilhead throttle body. Or read more info here.


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