For whatever reason my bike at low throttle openings is fine going down to 3k after a shift and I routinely run through the gears from 3k to 3800. will shift smoothly no problem. At constant throttle it really likes 3500 to 3900. It does not like sitting at 3k and will vibrate unhappily if aggresive with the throttle. This does not happen at 3500 and above. Smoothest twin ever at 3900 in 5th on the freeway. At 4000 and above a slight vibration occurs. Could be my current sync leans towards smoothness at the lowend.

I want to be clear about my jumping off the lights sometimes already past the crosswalk before the green. Most of the lights have left turn signals with cross traffic stopped for a long time and there is clear sightline that all lefties are over. Also if there isnt or if my light goes right after cross traffic I am in a position to see that without doubt there are no maniacs. The benefit of having the entire two lanes with a lead out on the pack for positioning and visibility is not to be understated. Obviously I want folks to shoot holes in this or add things for me to think about in this regard.