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    Exhasust Pipes...

    Hi All,
    I have a stock 2003 R1150RT with only 10,000. mi. on it. Was wondering if anyone would have feedback or info on switching to a Staintune or Remus Exhaust system. Wanting info on weight & performance. Pro's/ Con's of either from those out there who own and switched to either one.? Thanks in advance All!
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    I added a Stantune system to my '94 R1100RS. At the same time I added the Techlusion fuel and air controller. Dialed it in, which was pretty simple. The bike then had a nice pleasant sound. It felt like it had more pep in the step. I guess it's probably 1/2 the weight of the stock system. I did this many years ago. I liked it. The bike was rated at 90HP before the mod and I'm sure it was 90HP after. Would I do it again. Yep. Any comparable BMW now probably has 110-130 HP, with no mods.

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    Staintune is out of business. If you want a nicer sound, try one with a catalytic converter eliminator. A buddy has this one and its quite pleasant.....

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