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Thread: K Bike & Dirty Oil

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    K Bike & Dirty Oil

    Both of my K-Bikes (2004 K1200RS & 2008 K1200LT) have developed an interesting habit of late. I don't seem to be able to drain all of the old oil out of the bike during oil changes. When I add fresh oil it turns dark within a minute after starting the bike to check for leaks. Does anyone have any tips to help out?

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    Drain it HOT. Drain it initially through the oil filter cover and then through the drain plug after the majority is out.

    If that doesn't help, pull the bottom of the oil pan off and clean the sludge that is in the bottom. Reseal and install the pan and you should be good to go.


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    My 91 k75rt has done the same since I bought it used a hundred thousand miles ago. Other vehicles that I own the oil stays cleaner looking at the same change interval.

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