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Thread: Highway pegs on '98 K1200RS?

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    Highway pegs on '98 K1200RS?

    Just purchased a 98 K1200RS and dealing with a bum left knee. Does not like to bend and after about 20 minutes in the tucked position it begins to ache. I replaced the stock pegs with some old Triumph Tiger pegs which lowered it about 1.5 ". Added some seat height also. Neither of these was enough. Was wondering if there is any way wot attach highway pegs. I took off the belly pan plastic and see a threaded area on each side of the oil pan. See pic. Basically right where I would want to mount the pegs. Would need to fabricate something that would then stick out from belly pan on each side - through a hole I would need to figure out. Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like you have bought the wrong motorcycle. Lying down backwards is the opposite of the RS style.
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    The bolt holes in the oil pan (one in front and one at the rear) and the engine mount in front are used for mounting the engine protection bars. If you found a set of engine protection bars you may be able to mount highway pegs on them.


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    Put together a different option. Fabricated a piece that is tied into the footpeg bracket. Finishing this soon and will post pics. I think this is a more sound decision as I am not tied into engine and will not need to cut belly pan. Just looking for some short relief.

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    New solution

    I came up with an alternative solution. Took some 3/16" bar steel and cut out an arm that fits behind the foot peg mount. I tried going over the top but it interfered with the shift lever. Went underneath and that worked just fine. Added pegs I bought for $9. I am upgrading the pegs to a longer and wider option. I like this position better. More forward and down. Will be doing some long test riding to make sure everything works. So far it feels like it will do the job. Will also likely powdercoat.

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    Nice work! I notice the original peg has a nub which I presume is there to kick the pedal back for extreme lean angles. Do you have any concerns for the new forward peg? Looks like it might hit before most anything else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    Nice work! I notice the original peg has a nub which I presume is there to kick the pedal back for extreme lean angles.
    It's a metal feeler peg to give you a warning.
    You'll hear and feel it when it touches down. The peg will also fold up and back before any hard parts touch.
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    Not too worried about the highway peg scraping as I can move it back up when not in use. I see this as only temporary relief when on a nice straight and long road. The new pegs I ordered are longer and wider. I am guessing they will be more comfortable. Regardless, I am very happy that I was able to get some forward relief for my left knee.

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