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Thread: BMW Apparel 2 year warranty?

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    BMW Apparel 2 year warranty?

    Having carefully read the BMW advertising material, and seeking a rainproof jacket, I bought a BMW EnduroGuard jacket about 14 mo. ago. My understanding is that the "jacket is covered by a two year warranty". Well, the jacket leaks and BMW's response so far is that I have not "maintained" it properly - claim denied!

    I have ridden around 10K miles in this jacket and have wiped off some bugs and dirt, but I haven't washed it or re-waterproofed it (maintained it). I suppose there's a good chance that if I took those steps I could fix some or all of the leaking for a while.

    BMW advertises some jackets as waterproof but not others, for example the 2018 Rallye jacket. Perhaps in their warranty BMW says I must wash and rewaterproof this jacket - but I can't seem to find the actual warranty to see what it says. I think BMW should first confirm my complaint and then refund or replace.

    Has anyone seen the 2-yr warranty for apparel?
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    No, but I did just have the money I paid for my EnduroGuard jacket and pants refunded by my dealer, because it utterly failed to keep me dry in a day of steady rain on a recent return trip to Colorado. The dealer did this without contacting BMW first. I bought my suit in April, and contacted the dealer to complain about its performance at the end of July. I used the refund to buy the new Rallye suit. That said, there is a section in the EnduroGuard booklet that advises owners to re-waterproof the suit (with a BMW spray) after washing it, or after prolonged riding in rain. That is certainly not an exact quote, so you have to read the actual paragraph entitled "Impregnation". I think what they're really talking about is re-applying water repellant, as the true waterproof layer is in the middle of the triple-layer laminate, as I understand it.
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