There is a plastic bracket screwed onto the right underside of the R1100RT gas tank. It holds the two fuel lines that go to and from the tank. There is a folding part that lays over the two hoses and locks them in place against the tank. Mine is broken. Not a big deal, I can use a zip tie to hold the hoses in their spots. But, I'd like to replace it.

Is this a separate part that can be ordered from BMW?

I have looked over the parts fiche and can't spot it, but BMW sometimes puts parts in there in dark corners.
When I look at part 13 31 1 716 049 on the Max BMW parts fiche, the photo appears to be a holder for a single hose. Itís the style of the part Iím looking for, but the part on my tank has two supports side by side and the locking top for it is as wide as two hoses side by side. If I canít find the part I can use some Velcro to hold the hoses down, or continue to use a zip tie.