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Thread: Hepco Becker Keys

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    Thanks for the info.

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    a follow up on my keys

    Ok, so it has been awhile since I started this post and my teflon memory has leaked out the particulars. I was looking for a key, and found one. As I can't remember which of the two bikes the bag I needed the keys for is on. I don't remember where the number 6 comes into play? Also, I can't remember where I sourced the key from. Sorry.

    Here are pictures of the keys and locks they fit, I tried to get numbers clear and in focus. I hope this helps.

    Key set 1.jpg

    Key set 2.jpg

    Key set 3.jpg

    Key set 4.jpg

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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks for all your help and pictures.
    Now I have a quest to find those keys.....

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