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Thread: Wonít start in gear

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    Wonít start in gear

    2010 f650gs Twin wonít turn over unless in neutral. Replaced clutch safety micro switch and wonít start. Checked continuity on new switch and itís ok. Engine dies when sidestand deployed so I assume that means the side stand switch is ok. My repair manual says to check wiring connections. According to the wiring diagram the only connections are at the clutch lever and the ECU.
    Iíve tried electrical contact cleaner and dielectric grease at clutch lever switch.

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    Do you have voltage at the switch?
    If not, trace back in the circuit. You might find a broken wire or funky connection.

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    Is the new switch adjusted? Can you hear it click when pulling lever in?( engine off, dog not barking)
    Most switches rotate slightly on the mounting screw axis
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    Thanks guys but just figured it out. I had the bike on my lift. I push it onto my lift, put the side stand down then put it on the center stand.
    Overlooked one small detail. I left the side stand down. Duh. The switch was the problem and the sidestand switch works as itís supposed to.
    How to waste half a day on a 30 minute fix. Oh well.

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