Had a 2016 S1000XR come in today for service. Afterward it would not start. Looking at the realtime values with GS911 I could see that the fuel pressure was steady at 6553.4 bar, higher than the spec of 3500~4500. As 65535 is the maxxed-out value of a 16-bit variable, or octal FFFF if you're so inclined, it seemed logical to me that the sensor was shorted, open, or otherwise reporting improperly. But there was no associated fault, such as "Implausible fuel pressure reading" or "Fuel pressure sensor short." The reading did not change during cranking or even after disconnecting the battery. Eventually I cranked the engine with the throttle open and it started up, with the FP reading returning to a more believable value and showing normal fluctuation.

There have been some reported hot start issues with these bikes but this doesn't seem to be a good match for them.

Has anyone here experienced something like this?

I did not measure the actual fuel pressure, as the bike is under warranty so there was no need for me to spend time on it.