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Thread: Drilling the Tail Section to Mount Factory Rear Rack

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    Drilling the Tail Section to Mount Factory Rear Rack

    Hello! I recently acquired a beautiful '94 K75S with only about 24K miles on it.

    The reason I am writing is to see if I could get some advice on mounting the stock top box on my bike. I have an OEM rack and top box along with all the screws and washers that go with them. I do not have instructions though.

    From what I picked-up off the internet, the rear cowl should be marked on the inside for where the holes need to be drilled (true? If so, what size holes?). I can't believe that the rack simply mounts to the cowl plastic directly. Isn't there some sort of sub-frame that the rack mounts to? If anyone has an old set of directions sitting around or knows the steps, I would be very appreciative!

    Thanks again,
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